Measure in Minutes ⏱️

Quickly measure your carbon emissions. Our fast analysis shows you carbon intelligence in minutes.

Reduce Together 👇

Set reduction targets, take initiatives and assign tasks to your team to reduce the carbon emissions, optimize your processes and achieve net zero.

Features You Will Love

Realtime Analysis 📈

Our comprehensive analytics dashboard tells you about your emissions sources, types, monthly & yearly progress, scopes and emission categories in realtime; helping you identify emission hotspots.

Full Value Chain 🌐

Our system analyzes your business activity data and shows you which supplier emits how much carbon so that you can take better decisions to make your value chain sustainable.

All Scopes Covered ✅

We cover carbon emissions across all scopes. See analytics of Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 emissions.

Why Us?

  • Save Costs

    Save costs related to human resources. No need to hire additional team. Any member in your company can enter data and the system takes care of everything else.

  • Save Time

    Fast data collection, automatic realtime analysis and reduction plan save time, which can be invested in more important tasks.

  • Collaborative

    We believe, when teams work together, they achieve far more productivity. That’s why our platform allows employees across organization to collaborate and take action.

  • Adapts To Your Needs

    We have built iLu.Earth is such a way that it adapts itself as per your requirements. You can use it to measure and reduce carbon emissions of any part of your company or project. It grows with you to fit the future needs.

  • Regular Updates

    We release regular updates to enhance our product so that our customers can have state of the art experience.

  • Unmatched Support

    We care for our customers. We are always here for you. Whenever you are stuck somewhere or need any help, just connect to us and we will resolve it as soon as possible.

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